The latest book by Natalie Meg Evans is out on September 22, 2020


pre-order now on kindle Available in print from 22 September.


In the terrace courtyard of the palazzo overlooking a sparkling bay, the scent of ripening lemons filled the air. His deep brown eyes gazed into hers with determination and longing. ‘Will you do it? Risk everything and join us?’

Twenty-one-year-old Imogen Fitzgerald was raised in an English orphanage and never knew her parents. So when World War Two breaks out, she refuses to leave the life she’s worked so hard to build for herself, teaching English to little Marco and Eloisa in the beautiful Italian city of Naples. With their father Giancarlo away fighting for the fascists, there’s no one else to care for these lost children. Imogen’s dark hair and perfect Italian will protect her for now, but if anyone discovers her secret identity as an enemy of Italy, Marco and Eloisa will be left with no one. Torn between moral choices and a conflicting loves, Imogen must navigate her way through this most dangerous time, searching for truth amid the fog of war.


This is the seventh novel by Natalie Meg Evans who writes emotionally gripping historical fiction: ‘Wow, wow, wow is all I can say… tense and the surprises just kept on coming… it tore at my heart… The words “mind-blowing twist” come to mind.’  Shaz’s bookblog

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