Natalie’s latest novel, The Locket, is out now

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When farmer’s daughter Irene meets Theo at a village dance, sparks fly instantly. The war has brought him all the way from the deep south of America to build a US airbase just across her father’s fields, but as they sway together, there is nothing else in the world; only his gentle touch and deep brown eyes. Being together comes at a price as Theo is Black and the might of the US Air Force is against them . . .

Decades later, heartbroken Ruby is back at her family’s crumbling farmhouse for the first time in many months, after the loss of her beloved grandmother Irene. The roof has fallen in, family photographs are damaged – and her grandmother’s precious locket is nowhere to be found. The missing locket holds the key to unravelling a heartbreaking secret that changed her grandmother’s life and somebody in the village knows where it is. Why are they keeping the truth about Irene and Theo buried?

Available now, along with all of Natalie Meg Evans’ other books as a kindle download, a physical print-on-demand paperback and as a spoken word through Audible. Go to my Amazon Page and search “All Formats”.

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