The Italian Girl’s Secret

A heart-wrenching, high stakes story of love and courage in Nazi-occupied Italy, set in 1943

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Into The Burning Dawn

In the terrace courtyard of the palazzo overlooking a sparkling bay, the scent of ripening lemons fill the air. His deep brown eyes gazed into hers with determination and longing. ‘Will you do it? Risk everything and join us?’

Twenty-one year old Imogen Fitzgerals was raised in an English orphanage and never knew her parents. So when World War Two breaks out, she refuses to leave the life she’s worked so hard to build for herself, teaching English to little Marco and Eloisa in the beautiful Italian countryside overlooking Naples. With their father Giancarlo away fighting for the fascists, there’s no one else to care for these lost children. Imogen’s dark hair and perfect Italian will protect her for now, but if anyone discovers her identity as an enemy of Italy, Marco and Eloisa will be left with nobody. And would will her fate be, and Englishwoman stranded in fascist Italy?

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The Secret Vow . . .

The Paris Girl

These novels tell the story of Katya and Tatyana Vytenis, aristocratic sisters forced to flee Moscow as the Russian Revolution strips them of everything, including beloved family members. They dream of safety in Paris, only to discover that there are many, many former Russian nobles like themselves, all trying desperately to scrape a living and having to get used to poverty and despaire.

But neither Katya nor Tatiana will succumb, and with a frail mother to support and a tiny niece, the baby of their lost and tragic sister to bring up, they set out to create meaningful lives for themselves. For Katya, it is haute couture, the world of Elite French fashion. For Tatiana, it is the glamour of life as a mannequin, a model in the chicest of Paris Fashion houses, love, fun and dancing to the latest craze, jazz.

Both sisters discover that dreams do not come easy. There is blood, sweat and tears, betrayal and disappointment but their spirits never die. Love too, in the form of straight-talking men who, in their lives as daughters of a Russian prince, they would once never have looked twice at. But now, these passionate men may be just the guardian angels two impoverished sisters need.

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The Wardrobe Mistress

The Wardrobe Mistress:  When the bombing falls silent and the war is over . . .

London 1945, and as victory unfurls throughout Europe, a young war widow steps aboard a train in search of a new life. The fighting may be over, but for Vanessa Kingcourt the heart-ache has only just begun. Clutching the key to an unknown inheritance, Vanessa can no longer ignore the pull of the threads that draw her to the old Farren Theatre; an enchanted place, seeped in memories of her actor father.

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The Dress Thief

The UK e-book version sports this racy red cover. The paperback version features the green dress.

“Rich in detail, this is a pacey and engaging read, full of cloak and dagger intrigue, beautiful clothes and romance” Sunday Mirror

A love story set in the gloriously chic world of 1930s Paris.

Alix Gower has a dream: to join the ranks of Coco Chanel to become a designer in the high-stakes world of Parisian  haute couture. But Alix also has a secret: she supports her family by stealing designs to create bootlegs for the foreign market. A hidden sketchbook and two minutes inside Hermès is all she needs to create a perfect replica, to be whisked off to production in New York. Then Alix is given her big break – a chance to finally realize her dream in one of the most prominent Parisian fashion houses – but at the price of copying the breakthrough Spring Collection. 
Knowing this could be her only opportunity, Alix accepts the arrangement. But when a mystery from her past resurfaces and a chance meeting has her falling into the arms of a handsome English war reporter, Alix learns that the slightest misstep – or misplaced trust – could set her life falling apart at the seams.

The Dress Thief was nominated for a Romance Writers of America RITA in 2015. It won the LoveStories’ Readers award for the best historical novel and the Greek Public Book award for the best foreign novel.

What they say:

“A fascinating evocation of a great fashion house and the knife-edge the designers live on” – Sara Craven

“This story is as glamorous as the clothes it describes” – The Lady.

“A truly accomplished and delicious debut novel” – Laurie Graham

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The Milliner’s Secret / The Girl Who Dreamed of Paris

Re-titled and re-jacketed in the UK as ‘The Girl Who Dreamed of Paris.’ Please note, this is the same story as The Milliner’s Secret.

June 1940. As Paris, the City of Light, approaches its darkest hour, a young woman treads the line between survival and collaboration. Londoner Cora Masson has reinvented herself as Coralie de Lirac, using a false claim to aristocratic birth to launch herself as a fashionable milliner. When the Nazis invade, the influence of a high-ranking lover protects her business. But the cruel demands of war – and of love – cannot be kept at bay forever. Soon Coralie must find the courage to do what’s necessary to protect her friends, her freedom and everything she believes in.

What they say;

“Every time Coralie sat in a Paris café so did I. When she laughed, I laughed and when she cried, I reached for the tissues. The author has the ability to make you believe in Coralie as if you were personally watching her story unfold right in front of your eyes.” Popzara

“Yet again, Natalie Meg Evans wows with a wild storyline set in ’40s Paris—a time of war, resistance, and love! Stunning! This storyline is a winner, carving out an image for Natalie Meg Evans as a historical romance author who breaks (fashion) boundaries, destroys enemies and neatly weaves romantic plots . . . I fear no more for Natalie Meg Evans’ inevitable success. A star ── ” Chicklit Pad

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Summer In The Vineyards, an eBook.

A bittersweet romance set in the rolling valleys of the French Dordogne wine-making region.

“Natalie’s books are a treasure trove of vibrant, vivid stories, memorable characters and pacey writing!” Tracy Rees, bestselling author of Amy Snow

Shauna Vincent, a graduate from the north of England has just learned that the job she set her heart on has gone to a socially well-connected rival. Devastated, she accepts an offer in France from an old family friend – to be  au pair to the woman’s grandchildren. Within a week, Shauna is deep in the Dordogne. With little to do other than organise her two charges’ busy social diaries, she has endless hours in which to explore the magical landscape that surrounds her.

Her new home is the ancient Château de Chemignac with its vineyards and hidden secrets, including a locked tower room where she unearths a trove of vintage gowns, one of which feels unsettlingly familiar. Then Shauna falls asleep one afternoon in a valley full of birdsong, and has a strange dream of a vintage aircraft circling threateningly overhead. Waking to find local landowner Laurent de Chemignac standing over her – Shauna wonders if the dashing aristocrat might be just the person to help her untangle this message from the past.

 “A Gown of Thorns draws you into a richly evocative world steeped in secrets that will mesmerize fans of Rachel Hauck’s The Wedding Dress and Kristen Hannah’s The Nightingale” Fantastic Fiction

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