A grandfather’s war, 100 years on

The two men on the left of each picture are the same. A ‘before and after’ with a world of suffering in between.

Joseph Alfred

The first image is a well-known one: a soldier helping a wounded comrade as the troops file away from a gruelling First World War battle.  Read the rest

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Do books have souls?

When you look at your bookshelf, do you see rectangular units of paper, ink and glue. Or something more?


I look at my bulging shelves and immediately feel that I’m involved in a big, private conversation. To me, within each book is an element of a writer’s soul.… Read the rest

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Dear Reader

Dear Reader,

Do I believe in ‘happy ever after’? No, I believe in something more eternal than that. I believe in the sustaining power of love that comes in many forms, whether that’s romantic love or serene married love. It can be the love of a parent for a child, or the tenderness of a child for its aging parent.… Read the rest

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